speculative design

”Western Melancholy“ / How to Imagine Different Futures in the ”Real World“?



“Western melancholy” can be understood as the ultimate consequence of our community’s acceptance of the incapacity to stop devastation of the environment and climate change by transforming the social and economic models responsible for those problems.

The Last Mediterranean Skipper



The new and final work in the so-called Mediterranean Speculative Trilogy by Ivica Mitrović and Oleg Šuran from the Visual Communications Design Department at the Arts Academy in Split premiered at the exhibition titled “How Will We Work?” at the Vienna Biennale for art, design and arhitecture 2017 – Robots. Work. Our Future.

Speculative Design in the “Real World”



In order to discuss, critically reflect and re-think today speculative design practice, public discussion is scheduled for the Wednesday 19th of October. Invited guests will discuss the role of the speculative design in the “real world”.