Interakcije 2018 — Speculative Design Workshop: Life After Disaster


This year’s Speculative Design Workshop (Interakcije 2018) will focus on one of the most relevant global topics: climate change. Workshop will take place 15-20 October at the Split Arts Academy.

Interakcije 2017 — Speculative design workshop: Automation


This year workshop is dealing with one the most focused “big” global issuse — automation.

Interakcije 2016: Speculative NOW!


This year workshop, as an extension of the “Speculative – Post-Design Practice or New Utopia?” exhibition and accompanied booklet, is dealing with the speculative design role in the “real world”.

Speculative design workshop “Interakcije 2015: Alternative present”


Speculative design workshop Alternative presents will take place at the Arts Academy in Split, Croatia, from 23rd till 28th March 2015.

INTERAKCIJE 2004 – 2012 (The Exhibition)



Interakcije workshops from 2004 to 2012 at the Gallery of Croatian Designers Association, Zagreb.

Interaction Design Workshop 2012: Real Utopias


The 7th splitinteractions Interaction Design Workshop will be held at the Arts Academy in Split from 19 to 24 March.

Interakcije 2011 Workshop — The Hybrid City


This 6th workshop was organized by the Department of Visual Communications Design, Arts Academy and the British Council. Workshop topic was The Hybrid city.

Interakcije Workshop 2010 — Invisible Cities


This fourth workshop was held from 22nd to 27th of March. Workshop topic was invisible cities.

Interakcije 2009 Workshop — Technology, Interactions and Learning


Workshop was held from 23rd to 28th of March. The topic of the workshop was how new technologies could improve learning via interaction processes.

Interakcije 2008 Workshop — Public Space


This third workshop was held from 25th to 29th of March 2008. The topic of the workshop was “public space”, and was focus on how interaction design could help to raise awareness of the importance of public space.

Interakcije 2007 Workshop — Methodology


The aim of this first workshop was to introduce the user-oriented design processes in practice.